Hydraulic Cylinder, Pump and Motor Repair

To give our customers one-stop service for their cylinder repair and fabrication needs, Triangle Industrial offers in house capabilities that include:

  • Both Vertical and Horizontal Honing
    • Up to 40’ in length
    • Up to 28” in diameter
  • Full Machine Shop including Long Lathes
    • Tube Boring
  • Hard Chrome Plating up to 48’ in Length
  • Degreed Hydraulic Engineer
  • Teardown Tables sized for all types of Cylinders
  • All Cylinders are Pressure and Stroke Tested

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If you need to replace a cylinder, we offer full cylinder fabrication services and can source forgings, tubing and rods to fabricate almost any cylinder.

In addition we offer motor, pump and valve repair services. Our computerized pump test station will measure the pump/motor efficiency, pressure and flow of the component to ensure it has been rebuilt to the proper standards.

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