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July 2010 - Expanded Capabilities

Triangle Industrial Corporation continues to add services and evolve into a full-service provider for your repair and fabrication needs. Building upon our base of hard chrome plating, we have added extensive machining, hydraulic component repair and manufacturing, structural component fabrication and engineering services. Our mission is to provide our customers with services that match their needs whether it is chrome plating only or full fabrication and engineering services.

Triangle Industrial Corporation is the largest hard chrome plating operation in the Rocky Mountain Region, and has been in operation for almost 30 years. We can plate parts up to 48' in length and grind parts up to 55' in length. We offer both ID and OD hard chrome plating

Our full-service machine shop can repair or design and fabricate your hydraulic cylinders, rods or other components as required. We are one of the largest independent hydraulic shops in the Rocky Mountain Region. We have fabricated cylinders with strokes up to 40' in length and pride ourselves on our quality. We have hones capable of honing up to 40’ in length and 28” in diameter. We can also repair your pumps, motors and valves.

Our Fabrication Group can fabricate your weldments with precision from a variety of materials. Our unique fixturing capabilities allow us to fabricate to precise dimensions. No job is too big or too small.

The Water Jet Group offers cutting services for a variety of thicknesses and materials. We are happy to cut your material, or we can source the material for you utilizing our volume discounts.

Our Engineering Group is equipped with the latest CAD and Stress Analysis software to assist you in your design or failure analysis needs. Our engineers are very experienced in their areas of expertise.