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Long Stroke Cylinder

Cylinder and Cylinder Component Fabrication

Next time you need a custom hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder designed and fabricated let Triangle Industrial give you a quote. With all of the key capabilities such engineering design, hard chrome plating, ID plating, machining, honing and testing done in-house, we have complete control over the fabrication process and can give you very cost effective solutions. We have fabricated cylinders with up to a 40’ stroke and 18” bore or as small as 1.5” stroke and 1” bore.

Have just one of the major components of a cylinder requiring replacement? Let us give you a quote. We can source forgings, tubing and rods that will bring your cylinder back to original specifications. In some cases, especially if you are having repeated failures, our stress analysis engineer can “tweak” the design to strengthen the failure-prone area.

Long Stroke Cylinder Fabrication